付款 & 支付常见问题

Does 佛罗里达大学健康全球正规博彩公司平台app charge for making a payment online?



Your payment will normally post to your account within three to five business 交易日期. 收据确认您的付款也将 马上发邮件给你. 您还可以选择打印收据 在付款时.

Who can I call for information and assistance with my account or questions 关于我的账单?

You may call our Billing Customer Service Department at 904-819-4539 or 855-438-2565. Our 病人 Account Representatives are available to assist 周一到周五,早上8点.m. 到下午4:30.m.

Where do I find the verification 数量 on my credit card?

The card verification 数量 is a three-digit 数量 on the back of Visa/MasterCard/Discover or a four-digit 数量 on the front of American Express.


Scheduled patients will be contacted about estimated out-of-pocket costs 在到达医院之前. 请注意预估金额 接受治疗后能否改变. 选择性程序可能会重新安排 如果没有提前收到付款. 我们的预注册工作人员会 verify your health benefits with your insurance company along with your 人口数据. 这将确保你的信息是准确的 最新的. 这是 the ideal time to settle your patient liability so that on the day of your appointment, your care can be your 数量 one priority during your visit to 佛罗里达大学健康全球正规博彩公司平台app.

How much of my bill will I have to pay after insurance?

For those patients with insurance, we will file your insurance shortly after your visit, using the information we verified with you. 在你 insurance company pays their portion of your bill (usually within 30 to 60 days of receiving our claim), you should receive some type of explanation of benefits from them, which will indicate what was billed, what they 付了,你的那份是多少. 不久之后,您将收到一个 statement from the hospital indicating the balance due from you less any 您在服务时支付的金额. 付款方式可采用现金; personal check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.

What if I cannot pay the entire balance due as reflected on my statement?

If you cannot pay the entire balance owed, please visit our payment plan 选项, 点击这里. Our 病人 Account Representatives are well trained to assist you in exploring the best payment option for you or screen you for the financial 帮助你支付你的医院账单. 然而,我们只能 help if you contact us immediately upon receiving your statement. So, please do not hesitate to call us at 904-819-4539 or 855-438-2565.

What happens if I don’t make payment arrangements or my balance remains unpaid?

If no payment arrangements are made, the account will be placed with a 收集机构. 如果由于任何原因你不能支付你的账单 time, please contact us at 904-819-4539 or 855-438-2565.

What if I have an existing payment arrangement plan and I have a balance 换句话说?

You must contact a 病人 Account Representative each time you incur a 新账户上的余额. 帐户不会自动存入付款 基于现有帐户的安排. 现有付款计划不能 与新的平衡相结合.

Why am I getting so many bills from different providers?

During your hospital visit, other professionals were involved with your 他们有自己的记账办公室. 这些其他专业人士 may include, but are not limited to, radiologists, pathologists, cardiologists, 麻醉师、救护人员等. 这些供应商分别收费, and in most cases, the hospital 病人 金融服务 Department 不能帮你处理这些索赔吗. 你最好这样做 contacting their billing offices directly at the phone 数量s provided 在他们给你的账单上.

为什么我收到医院的账单? 我不是那里的病人.

Many local physicians will send specimens (blood, urine and stool) to the 佛罗里达大学健康全球正规博彩公司平台app的实验室. 你收到的账单是跑步费 测试.

I have Florida Medicaid Share of Cost/Medically Needy. 这是什么意思??

Individuals enrolled in the Medically Needy Program have income or assets 超出了常规医疗补助的限制. 一定量的药物 bills must be incurred each month before Medicaid is approved. 这是 你的“成本份额”. 你的费用份额是 medical bills you must have before Medicaid will pay any of your other 为你付了医疗费. 你分担的费用就像免赔额一样 在健康保险政策上. 你必须承担相当于 the amount of your share of cost each month before you can become eligible 在这个月剩下的时间里申请医疗补助. 你的份额取决于你的家庭 月收入. For more information about Florida Medicaid or to see 如果你有资格获得医疗补助 点击这里.

I have an out-of-state Blue Cross policy, why does 佛罗里达大学健康全球正规博彩公司平台app continue 通过佛罗里达蓝十字会提出索赔?

佛罗里达大学健康全球正规博彩公司平台app has a contractual agreement with Blue Cross of Florida (BCBSFL) specifically that allows for discounts to your hospital bills. We do not have contracts with other out-of-state Blue Cross plans. 因此, by filing your claims through the local Blue Cross plan, your out-of-state Blue Cross plan can take advantage of our BCBSFL contract rates. 我们的文件 对BCBSFL的索赔. Then BCBSFL coordinates with your home plan to determine 保险范围和支付给医院的费用. 我们不能 file directly to your home plan since they would likely deny payment altogether or pay at a non-contracted rate, which would ultimately result in more 自付费用给你.

Who do I call if I have a question about my insurance coverage?

Look on your insurance card for your carrier's Customer Service telephone 数量. 你也可以参考你的计划手册.


佛罗里达大学健康全球正规博彩公司平台app offers self-pay discounts and affordable payment plans. A down payment is required prior to or at the time of service. 金融 Advocates are available prior to your service to assist you with qualifying 并申请州和地方的资助.

佛罗里达大学健康全球正规博彩公司平台app is committed to providing charity care to persons who have health care needs and are uninsured, underinsured, ineligible for a government program, or otherwise unable to pay, for medically necessary 根据他们的个人经济状况进行护理. 请与我们的 金融 Advocates regarding eligibility for financial assistance/charity 请致电904-819-4539或 点击这里.

For information about Florida Medicaid or to see if you qualify for assistance 通过医疗补助 点击这里.